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Network operators more than 83 million netizens in China era NET era


Regular online shopping you know who is the shop owner? Before Nineth Alibaba business conference held in Hangzhou, Centre for social and development studies of China, Peking University and on Ali Center for individual shopkeepers, who issued the open shop? Survey reports. According to the individual shopkeepers are mostly living in coastal towns, young and lived in a nice, well-educated but values the mean population. 37% (the highest proportion) opened the shop owner said, not just for the money, more importantly experience a way of life.
This survey showed that as of the first half of 2012, number of network operators in China has more than 83 million homes, shopping online users have more than 214 million people, more than 42% per cent of Internet users concerning China is Internet "netizens", "friends" era "network operators".
Ali think, currently in Taobao opened shop of individual sellers features is stark, live in town of people accounted for than over 90%; male partial more, accounted for than up 54.2%; over 80% is was born in 1981-1994 of young; by education degree for high school and the above of proportion near 90%, College and the above of proportion over 60%; family economic situation above average level; values doctrine, concern earthly of family harmony, not willing to to money and adventure. Among them, a 46% shopkeeper said did not hire the individual, and the initial investment is less than 5,000 yuan.

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