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MA: you cannot expect capital expect innovation


MA: you cannot expect capital expect innovation
June 2012-9-16 liberation network
Ma made concluding remarks on the 2012 General Assembly global network, he said: "I can tell you bad news, economy are getting worse, but to tell you the good news, after ten years of successful enterprise than today, will be more rich people than today. But not you, if you want to know, you have to listen to consumers, listening to the market, because the market can decide the future.
Ma said, ten years before the reform and opening up, China private economy, depending on policy; ten years after by foreign companies; over the past decade by State-owned enterprises.
"China must return to a market economy and market economy is dominated by men, are entrepreneurial," he called, "we can no longer look forward to the policy, we can no longer look forward to the capital, but looking forward to one is innovation, try.
"This world is a trust crisis of era, who are not believes who, this is a value, and integrity bottom line was challenge of era," but, MA drew a go, "this is a best of era, in this era inside, I saw has network commercial of power, saw post, and $literal of power, people and people Zhijian are didn it see had surface, light we this market, on can sold 1 trillion yuan, daily by credit sold 15 million pen, this is this era has of trust of power. 70% network operators are willing to return unpaid any bad products, which is trusted. I saw a lot of people complaining, but I see Taobao network operators, Ali network operators in China are the hardest and most trying to solve the problem. Network operators knows, there is no way to change the world, we change ourselves. It is difficult to make this community, we feel that add to their families, we still do it, work hard every day, sell more goods, each accumulated a little more credit, our families will vary, they vary, this is what I see hope and confidence.
"The enterprise of the future, small is beautiful, little kiss and make up is more critical, more flexible. "Ma declared that small is beautiful, Ali rolled out two-million strategy: to develop our annual turnover of 1 million 1 million online shop. Companies in China, million is the taste, the best.
He also announced that, starting from January 1 next year, the Ali group will transform itself, from the face to the consumer into a support network operators face consumer, helping network operators to grow, so that network operators who know how to use the best tools and services to service consumers. "This is the start of next year to the drastic changes.

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