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Return to sweepstakes sent Crescent furniture Plaza jewelry


Meet up after a set of furniture 50% furniture, Red Apple back after signing the return of more than 5,000 yuan, bought after a group of European-style sofa accidentally saved more than 8,000 yuan, over the weekend, Crescent Plaza generated a lot of furniture, "save money star." Return to activities they participated in 51 shopping story, and with luck saved a lot of money to buy furniture. The cash back event is the Crescent furniture square main contents of the 51 shopping story. The 51 shopping story time is very long, extended from April 24 till May 3. Crescent furniture Plaza during the event also introduced a special award for Sanya tour raffle for two, more than 1000 types of less than 50 percent discounts, shopping gift certificate sent cab fare money activities. Reader that gathers 51 major furniture market information, may wish to read new moon furniture Plaza introduced "money tips", to see if he would also become the people to save money decorating.

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